Jewelry designing and making is an art closely linked to people`s lives which communicates itself to them to the depths of their being. It touches all elements and expresses the greatest passions, which it confirm and symbolizes. It works its way, bringing happiness into the very essence of life ; it decorates the rich and is the finery of the poor. Approved by the Gods, it adapts itself to all religions. It knows all the secrets of love and infidelity, heightens the coquetry of women, and confirms the pride of men. It flatters the vanity of all, until death bestows it on posterity for the renewal of life.

About Keshav

An international marketing expert for the last 30 years, Keshav Arora has travelled across the world and developed a keen eye for fashion emanating from various cultures, mythologies, values, and religious fascinations. By using semi-precious stones with old and new silver, adopting ancient designer hand-made technique, he has been creating unique and regal heirloom treasure for the 21st century.

His art is a beautiful amalgamation of gemstones like Coral, Turquoise, Amber and Lapis, beaded or embedded in new and old Silver.

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