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About Keshav

An international marketing expert for the last 30 years, Keshav Arora has travelled across the world and developed a keen eye for fashion emanating from various cultures, mythologies, values, and religious fascinations. By using semi-precious stones with old and new silver, adopting ancient designer hand-made technique, he has been creating unique and regal heirloom treasure for the 21st century.

His art is a beautiful amalgamation of gemstones like Coral, Turquoise, Amber and Lapis, beaded or embedded in new and old Silver.

Keshav's innovative and creative bent of mind is also visible in his paintings that are mostly abstract expressions of life. A connoisseur of good food and a brilliant chef with a diverse pallet for cuisines from all over the world, keshav's jewelry is a great blend of his passion for living, his creativity, and his fondness towards the vivid Ladakhi & Tibetan culture.